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Smoked Ojcowski trout homemade mayonnaise green apple seaberry

100/150 g 39 PLN

Foie gras escalope Małopolska’s pears challah bread passion fruit

10/120 g 62 PLN


Forest mushrooms and chestnuts cream nuts in sugar pumpernickel powder

200 ml 27 PLN

Shellfish cream edible snails from a regional breeding vegetables

150 ml/80 g 36 PLN


Lime and celery sorbet Polish plain vodka or apple cider

50 g/40 ml 18 PLN

Main dishes

Shrimps artichokes with tomatoes avocado coconut milk

180/200 g 70 PLN

Roe deer comber chocolate Gorgonzola and walnuts brownie yellow carrot shallots demi-glace

150/200 g 88 PLN

Zander spiced sauce boletus mushrooms fusilloni spinach herb-infused essence

180/200 g 78 PLN

Smoked duck breast pumpkin topinambour gourd cucumber

160/220 g 69 PLN

Instead of dessert

A selection of Łomnicki’s goat cheeses bitter orange preserve

100/100 g 36 PLN


Pavlova mango Sądecki buckwheat honey with vanilla rose water

170 g 29 PLN

Chocolate mousse Podlaskie’s Baumkuchen cake rosemary lemon-flavoured vodka fruit

150 g 32 PLN


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